Egg Wear

IMG_6746 - Version 2Image 1 Beadle


If a place is not just scenery, but is rather a sequence of evolving events, then my world really is a stage. In my role as a custodian of nature, I needed a collection of clothing that was sustainably made, comfortable to wear and was also appropriate costume for a 21st century Beadle. I have been working closely with a small team of fashion students at  Solent University Southampton, led by Sue Carley and Katie Jackson who have created made to measure Tshirts, shorts, trousers, snood and an impressive cape – that works as rainwear or a blanket  and has a liner to add warmth in the winter. There is also an impressive gander bag. Most of the fabrics are recycled including items made from my own cast off clothing.

The team is :-

Sue Carley & Katie Jackson,  with assistance from Abbigail Carter and Leila Alloush.

It sprang from an interest by Matt Weet of Solent Creatives after being approached by Mark Drury from SPUD. I will post further clothing photos and drawings.


Stalking the marsh high ground in July