Soldiering On


A very lethargic soldier beetle was drawn into the egg yesterday night by the light of my lap top monitor were it sat for a while before scooting off. Today I found it resting on the back of a drawing board , just above the crescent moon. There are over 50 varieties of this creature that make their homes in the UK and got their name from a red backed variety that looked like a red coat (soldier). I am not sure which this is, but presumably it likes damp marsh environs.

My lap top screen is a frequent abode for night creatures and the lacewing below has just come in, looking for a place to hibernate for the winter. More worrying was the critter that got beneath the screen and was wondering about in pixel land a few weeks ago.


Please note  that this post was prepared on November 5th and is posted late due to a lack of power in the Egg.