Sun Power

As sunsets have got successively earlier during the last few weeks, it has been a struggle to manage the power of the sun sufficiently to enable the charging of batteries, WIFI and webcam operation. Following maintenance today, the WIFI is back on line and the BLOGs can recommence. In a few days time it will also be clear if there is sufficient energy to restart the cameras too. The solar array may need supplementing with extra panels or with a small wind turbine until the days begin to lengthen and I now also have the ability to recharge batteries using a portable petrol generator (allowing three gallons of fuel to use in emergencies).

Over the next few days new blogs will be interspersed with others prepared earlier but which were unable to be posted live.

Sunset Thursday 5th December from the Exbury Egg.

Sunset, Thursday 5th December from the Exbury Egg.