The Exbury Egg Conserves

blackberryjam label

Morning ripened berries were selected from an east facing bush on the Egg Gateway. They were thoroughly washed and examined by hand for bits of thorn and other unwelcomeness.  They were then lightly crushed in a bowl.

A sachet of pectin with a quarter cup of sugar was added to the berries and brought to the boil for a minute.  Seven full cups of sugar were then added and boiled again for a short time, until the nascent jam began to set on a cooled spoon. Froth was skimmed from the top and the mixture carefully poured into two pre-prepared sterilised jars.

nb. It is important not to pick blackberries after Michaelmas on September 29th after which time they increasingly become a home to maggoty creatures. It has been argued that the devil renews a curse on the plant on this day every year, after landing on it when ejected from heaven by archangel Michael.


Eight cups of berries (crushed to fill six cups)

Seven and 1/4 cups of sugar

One sachet of pectin

Two clean glass jars

Two labels (to be applied)