Oak Trousers + T

IMG_9683Fashion student (now graduate) Sue Carley made me a pair of DIY jeans from unbleached cotton – Dye It Yourself. A small oak ‘bush’ beside the Egg (behind me in the photo) provided galls to create the dye and its individual  leaves the templates for a pattern (drawn in hot wax then ironed out). An oak T shirt completed the ensemble. A full scale drawing of the trousers uses watercolour from the same source.




Stinging Nettle


Stinging Nettles are growing in huge profusion beside the Bofors Gun emplacement, which is itself slowly disappearing behind their dense metre high growth. The leaves make a refreshing green tea.



Blackberry Infusion

IMG_2607photo 2

Blackberries stored since last September were boiled to extract juices which, with the addition of alum and cream of tartar, infused cotton with their essential vibrant energy. The resulting T shirt is part of an evolving collection of ceremonial and practical Beadle wear. A test on paper produced a much flatter and cooler purple colour.

photo 3



A cedar of Lebanon in Exbury Gardens gifted me the branch I needed for a ‘Christmas tree’ and has now laid a candelabrum at my feet.  On a walk yesterday morning I found this weathered branch whose six eroded cones have become the spikes required to attach candles to illuminate the Egg.