Sans Samphire


50˚47’08.10″N x 1˚24’27.91″W
July 13th, 2014

Last year the Samphire grew thickly on the marsh beside the Egg, but this year there is none at all in prospect here. The mud bank has lost height and has been covered in a thick layer of green algae for the last few weeks, which may have had an effect. My sense overall is of the width of marsh narrowing.


50˚47’08.10″N x 1˚24’27.91″W
July 17th, 2013


IMG_2976 IMG_2964

The decayed wooden hulk of the supply boat @ 50º47’54.53″ N & 1º24’33.35″ W, dates from the later days of the second world war and it is slowly returning to the (soggy) earth from which its timbers originally sprang. Every day adds a story to its seventy year long narrative, as here, in my own parish, the wooden walls of the Egg begin their own journey.



Tide Marks



The river gathers and weaves together all manner of flotsam into organic carpets formed by rippling waves meeting shore, where today they were dried by the sun. They are an indicator of season, height of tide, local growth and animal life. The presence of people is frequently to be found in their plastic additions. Each tells its own story.