The Blue Tit


A young blue tit (they still have yellow cheeks) was found near the Egg by my neighbour Nick who preserved it for me in the refrigerator. Birds of many species have recently fledged but not all will make it to adulthood.




Chinese Translucent White


This large Chinese translucent white was found yesterday in a mud pool at 50-47-07.69N x 1-24-27.62W, left behind by the tide. It is thought to have first entered the country in large shipping containers and spread quickly throughout most of England. This specimen is not in the best condition and the upper wings have lost most of their multicoloured glittery scales, but its life expectancy runs to many scores of years in the wild unless captured and recycled.

An overwintering red admiral and a brimstone were spotted this morning but proved more difficult to capture on film.


Tangled Up and Blue


The northern edges of the sinewy outer bank I call Snake Island, were rich in strands of unravelled polyester rope of many bright colours, twisted around the branches of tamarisk bushes and out across the river bed; little reminders of our poor and tangled relationship with all things natural. All being well, the pink flush of  the tamarisk blossom will add its own distinctive hue to the scene in just a few weeks time.

Sunset Yellow


A discarded bucket caught my eye when it was lit up in the light of the setting sun this evening; a yellow plastic counterpoint to the warmth of the sun against my exposed face and hands. For the first time in weeks of wet and windy weather, I felt I could take off my heavy coat.