Friendly Neighbours



Anne and Terry visited the Egg to bring the gift of a delicious banana and walnut cake which was most welcomely received. They spend a lot of their time living on their boat ‘Teal’ moored upriver of the Egg and have followed the Beadle’s progress all year and this was their third attempt to reach me. ‘The first time I brought a cake’ said Anne ‘a couple of months ago, but there was no one at home. The second time, there was insufficient water to get the dory up the creek, we got stuck in the mud and did a bit of ‘quanting’ to get off. Terry got to enjoy lots of cake!’

Anne photographed the Egg’s arrival last summer and her images recall the moment.

'Arrival of the Egg'  photo Anne Chivers

‘Arrival of the Egg’ photo Anne Chivers

'Arrival of  the Egg' Photo Anne Chivers

‘Arrival of the Egg’ Photo Anne Chivers

'Arrival of  the Egg' Photo Anne Chivers

‘Arrival of the Egg’ Photo Anne Chivers





Fabric of the Egg



The Egg is embedded in the fabric of Sue Carley’s blue skirt which formed part of her final degree show at Solent University. On May 5th she came to photograph that part of her 2014 collection inspired by our collaboration to devise ‘Egg Wear’. For more information about Sue’s work please go to

Photo © Hayley Savage Photography

Photo © Hayley Savage Photography


Swallows come Home

The swallows were a welcome sight last night as a trio of new arrivals dipped and darted low across the pasture of my neighbouring field looking for food. I yelled the news up the hill to my neighbour Nick, who later saw around twenty five in the field about his house. They were hard to photograph in the dull cloudy light, but I made some studies in ink.







Lucy and Mike, my temporary neighbours from across the river, visited the Egg this afternoon when the tide was in. Apparently, from over the way, the Egg glints like silver in the spring sunshine.


Another Gander at the Geese


I took another gander at the local community of Canada geese today as they flew by the Egg and came to rest in the river nearby. A particular pair (and another threesome) fly right over the Egg every morning and evening but I have yet get them on film. Their feathers provide the drawing tools I can use to depict them.